Israel's Disengagement Plan: 2005
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Israel's Disengagement Plan: 2005


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In August 2005, Israel disengaged from the Gaza Strip, and from four settlements in northern Samaria. This action, initiated by Prime Minister Sharon and endorsed by the Knesset, was an Israeli initiative designed to end the stalemate in the peace process after more than four years of terrorist bloodshed. Now that following disengagement the Gaza Strip is under Palestinian jurisdiction, it constitutes a practical test of the possibility for peaceful coexistence with the Palestinian Authority. It contributes to the renewal of peace talks and to the establishment of a Palestinian state alongside Israel as envisaged by the Roadmap, provided the Palestinians fulfill their obligations to end terrorism and incitement.

Altogether 25 settlements were removed. This entailed a considerable sacrifice on the part of the nearly 9000 residents who had to leave their homes and livelihoods that they had built over the course of several decades. It also demonstrated Israel’s readiness to make major concessions for the sake of peace.

Disengagement from Gaza
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Disengagement from northern Samaria
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