ISRAEL AMONG THE NATIONS: Asia and the Pacific

ISRAEL AMONG THE NATIONS: Asia and the Pacific


Israel maintains diplomatic relations with most Asian states. The growing economic strength and political influence of these countries has contributed to the intensification of ties in the political, cultural and, above all, economic spheres. Technical cooperation with Israel in the areas of scientific R&D, rural development, agriculture and education has played an important role in strengthening relations with the developing countries of the region.

Israel and China established diplomatic relations in 1992. Since then, they have developed their relations steadily, culminating in the historic visit of the Chinese president to Israel in 2000 and the visits of three Israeli presidents to Beijing.

Diplomatic relations with the Republic of Korea were established in1962. In the last few years the relations are booming in every field. In the year 2007, foreign ministers of both countries exchanged visits.

Israel also maintains good relations with many ASEAN member countries. Some of these ties date back 50 years and more, as in the case of Myanmar, Thailand and the Philippines. Some ties began more recently, when Israel established relations with Mongolia, Cambodia, and Laos. Relations with Vietnam have developed rapidly since 1993, especially in the fields of economics, trade and agricultural cooperation. An annual political dialogue was established between the two foreign ministries in 2005.

Nepal and Israel have a long tradition of close and very friendly relations, which began in the early 1960s. Nepal's foreign minister visited Jerusalem for the first time in 2007, announcing the opening of an embassy in Tel Aviv.

Israel has had full diplomatic relations with Australia and New Zealand for many years. In recent years, relations were established with 12 independent island nations of the Pacific. Israel shares with these countries its experience in various fields.

Since the mid-1980s, Israel and Japan have expanded their bilateral relations, reflected in the signing of several agreements and in the reciprocal visits of prime ministers. Japan has also played a significant role in the multilateral peace process.

Diplomatic relations with India, which started in 1992, have also intensified since the late 90s in all aspects. In 2003, Israel's prime minister made the first ever visit to New Delhi. In the year 2000, Israel renewed diplomatic relations with Sri Lanka.

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