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MFA Internet Exhibits

 Landscape of Israel 
   - Photographs by Doron Horowitz
 Spring is in the Air 
   - A collection of photographs by Shai ‌Ginott
 The Source 
   - Photography Exhibition by Hanan Isachar
 From the Beginning 
   - Photography Exhibition by Shai Ginott
 Encounters: The Vernacular Paradox of Israeli Architecture
 Images of a State in the Making
   - Posters of the Zionist Movement
 Israel at Fifty - from Vision to Life 
   - Exhibit Preview
 Israel's Archeological Treasures
 Jerusalem - The Capital of Israel
 Jerusalem in Old Maps and Views
 Migrating Birds Know No Boundaries
 "Peace for Children" 
   - Painting Contest, Hanoi
 Posters of Israel - Shai Ginott
 Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem
 The Spirit of Jerusalem - Shai Ginott
 The Transformation of Israeli Cities
   - An Architectural Exhibit
 Vibrant Israel - A Photographic Exhibit 1997​