Israel at 60: From Modest Beginnings to a Vibrant State 1948-2008

Israel at 60: From Modest Beginnings to a Vibrant State 1948-2008

Produced by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in honor of Israel's 60th anniversary


Welcome to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs' commemorative publication: Israel at 60: From Modest Beginnings to a Vibrant State 1948-2008. This publication contains not only the complete hard copy publication in PDF format with live links to all listed articles and web sites; but also includes articles that did not appear in the print version due to space considerations.

The web site also features additional Web Extras that enhance and complement the original text including new articles on solar power, Internet technology and wind generated energy to cite just a few examples.

Table of Contents



1. History: Re-Birth of a Nation

2. Creating and Preserving Israel the Beautiful

3. Preservation of Civil and Human Rights Under the Rule of Law

4. The Israeli People: Dynamic Diversity

5. Culture, Entertainment, Sports and Cuisine

6. The Holy Land: Jews Christians and Muslims

7.1 Israeli Ingenuity: The Development of an Economic and Scientific Powerhouse

7.2 Secure Connections and Communications

7.3 Healing: Breathtaking Medical and Life Science Breakthroughs

7.4 Nourishing: Advances in Sustainable Development

7.5 Seeking New Power Sources while Protecting the Environment

7.6 Out of This World: Israel's Space Program

7.7 Small Worlds: Israel's Nanotechnology Initiative

7.8 Protecting the Nation: Israel's Homeland Security Sector

8. Israel: A Light Unto the Nations

9. Israel Among the Nations: Securing the Jewish State while Pursuing Peace

10. Israel and the United States: The Special Bond Between Two Nations and Two Peoples

11. The Future of Israel: The Next 60 Years

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