The Transformation of Israeli Cities- Tel-Aviv -Exhibit-

The Transformation of Israeli Cities- Tel-Aviv -Exhibit-


  Tel-Aviv - Architectural Exhibit (cont.)


An outstanding example of urban transformation, this mixed-use project of varying heights replaces an obsolete hospital in the heart of the city and redefines scale while creating and linking significant urban spaces.
Architect: Ada Karmi-Melamed & Partners

Top: General view
Middle: Partial views
Bottom: Side studies


The "Mishtala" residential districts, inspired by the urban patterns and architecture of the 30's, has been sensitively designed around a hierarchy ofpedestrian and civic spaces.

Architect: Ya'ar Architects Ltd.
Landscape Architects: Moria - Sekely

Top: General site plan
Middle: Cenral square
Bottom: Architectural guidelines



The The campus was planned in the 60's in accordance with the prevailing concept of buildings dispersed about a landscaped environment. New projects intensify the two main axes and foci: the Senate Square, and the busy Entrance Square which interrelates with the city.

Top left: Master plan. Chief Architect: Moshe Atsmon
Top right: Main Administration Building. Architects: Moshe Amario and Eli Majus
Middle left: Student Center. Architects: M. Atsmon, with participation of Y. Eldan
Middle right: Entrance Square. Architect: M. Atsmon
Bottom: Entrance complex and square. Architect: M. Atsmon.
Student Center building. Architects M. Atsmon, Y. Eldan
Art gallery. Architects. D. Eitan, E. Goshen, B. Chyutin, M. Chyutin

The Ayalon transportation corridor integrates arterial road and rail links along the curves of the Ayalon river. The new high-rise, high-density, central business district is taking shape along this axis.

Top left: "Nof" office tower. Architects: Moshe Zur, M. Zur
Top right: Platinum Tower.
Architects: A. Yasky, Y. Sivan assisted by T. Betterman, R. Feller
Bottom: Photo: Albatross


Top left: Agish Ravad Office Building. Architects: Miri & Danny Kaizer
Top right: "Hashalom Suburb Railway Station"
Architects: Eri Goshen - D. Eytan & E. Goshen Ltd., assisted by N. Simon
Middle left: Inteiror
Middle right: Inteiror
Bottom: Photo: Albatross

Top left: Ella Brothers Tower.
Architects: Eli Lahiani, Tzadik Eliakim, Eli Eliakim
Top right: Hechtman Building
Architects: Edna & Raffi Lerman
Bottom: Photo: Albatross



The Reinforces Tel-Aviv's main leisure districts: "Park Hadarom", the Yarkon Promenade, and the tourist area along the seafront. The last two converge at the long defunct port and "Levant Fair" area, which now faces replanning.

Top left: Levant Fair, 1936. Architects: A. Elhanani and R. Kaufmann
Top right: Proposed marine resort and tourism center. Architect: Eli Lipski
Middle left: Interior
Middle: The Yarkon Estuary plan
Bottom left: Park Hayarkon - "Ganei Yehoshua".
Gideon Sarig - Landscape Architecture Urban Planning
Bottom right: Photo: Albatross


Tel-Aviv's main civic and cultural complex has taken a step closer to its full realization with the recent completion of this significant project, by
Yacov Rechter: Architect of the project
Assistant Architect: Yuval Cadman of Avi Dorner

Top: Performing Arts Center
Bottom left: Golda Center - "Dobnov Gardens" first phase: 1995.
Gideon Sarig - Landscape Architecture Urban Planning
Bottom right: Aerial view. Photo: Albatross

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