Antisemitism and Holocaust denial
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial

  • Rise of Global Genocidal Antisemitism

    12 Aug 2015
    Israel's Counselor on Human Rights, Nelly Shiloh, spoke at the UN: "Antisemitism is not a relic from the past, but an ever-present reality for Jews in many places. We must take action now, to eradicate the plague of Jew-hatred from our future."
  • Kantor Center report: Antisemitic Manifestations Worldwide 2014

    15 Apr 2015
    Antisemitic Manifestations Worldwide 2014: 40% rise in violent cases; severe increase in all types of antisemitism; individuals and communities worried about their future. 2014 - one of the worst years in the last decade.
  • UN General Assembly: Joint Statement against Antisemitism

    22 Jan 2015
    At the first historic meeting on antisemitism held at the UN General Assembly, a statement was issued, in which countries around the world committed to combat rising antisemitism. Over 40 countries have signed this statement.
  • Amb Behar on antisemitism at the 14th World Summit on Terror

    09 Sep 2014
    Ambassador Gideon Behar, Director of the Department for Combating Antisemitism, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Israel, addresses the ICT 14th World Summit on Terror
  • UN Conference: Antisemitism, a threat to Global Peace and Stability

    08 Sep 2014
    The UN conference on Antisemitism, a threat to Global Peace and Stability, co-hosted by Caleb T. O. Otto, Ambassador of Palau to the UN, and Ron Prosor, Ambassador of Israel, was held in New York on September 8, 2014.
  • Amb Prosor on Antisemitism, a threat to Global Peace and Stability

    08 Sep 2014
    According to reports from the World Zionist Organization, there has been a 130% increase in anti-Semitic incidents in the United States, an over 400% increase in anti-Semitic attacks in Europe, and a 1,200% increase in South America.
  • ADL documents surge in global anti-Semitism during operation in Gaza

    18 Aug 2014
    There was a dramatic surge in violence against Jews and Jewish institutions around the world during Israel's Operation Protective Edge. Synagogues were attacked, Jewish cultural centers vandalized, and Jews beaten on the street.
  • Hamas Holocaust denial

    27 Apr 2014
    On the eve of Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes Remembrance Day, we offer several examples of the organization's policy of antisemitism and Holocaust-denial.
  • Anti-Semitism in 2013: Trends and Events

    11 Feb 2014
    As indicated in a FRA survey cited in the report, many Jews in Europe are being forced to change their way of life in fear of an anti-Semitic attack. The State of Israel cannot let itself be reconciled to this reality.
  • Inverted Nazi salute may lead to violence

    30 Dec 2013
    ”In light of the rise in antisemitism, I ask of all to join forces in order to oppress it, with all the means at their disposal,” said MK Yoel Razvozov during a debate in the Knesset Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs.
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