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 Behind the Headlines

  • Israel's protection and Hamas' exploitation of civilians in Operation Protective Edge

    24 Jul 2014
    The main objective of Operation Protective Edge is to restore quiet to Israel's citizens. Israel's actions are intended solely to curtail Hamas' terrorist capabilities in Gaza and do not target the people of Gaza in any way.
  • Behind the headlines: Hamas' terror tunnels

    22 Jul 2014
    The Hamas tunnel industry used to be a well-known conduit for smuggling weapons, goods, funds and terrorists into the Gaza Strip. Now Hamas is using their tunneling know-how for a far more sinister purpose: terrorist attacks on Israeli territory.
  • Behind the headlines: Events in Sejaiya, Hamas' terror stronghold

    20 Jul 2014
    Hamas both embedded its missiles and other military targets among the civilians population of Sejaiya and then ordered the civilians to remain and act as human shields.
  • Behind the Headlines: Israel accepts ceasefire, Hamas rejects

    15 Jul 2014
    Israel accepted the ceasefire in order to allow for sustained quiet to be achieved diplomatically. Israel hoped that the ceasefire will allow civilians on both sides to return to normal life.
  • Operation Protective Edge - Q&A

    14 Jul 2014
    The main objective of Operation Protective Edge is to re-establish stability and quite for the citizens of Israel. Israel cannot accept a reality in which millions of its citizens are subject to the whims of radical Islamic terrorist organizations.
  • Behind the Headlines: Hamas war crimes

    13 Jul 2014
    Hamas - an internationally recognized terrorist organization - deliberately embeds its military operations deep in residential areas, and exploits its own civilian population as human shields. These actions are war crimes.
  • Behind the Headlines: Murder of a Palestinian youth in the Jerusalem Forest

    03 Jul 2014
    Israel is treating this case with the utmost seriousness. Israelis, starting with President Shimon Peres, President-elect Reuven Rivlin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, have condemned the murder and expressions of hatred.
  • Behind the Headlines: The Hamas kidnapping of three Israeli teens

    19 Jun 2014
    Hamas, which has a long history of terrorist attacks on Israeli civilians, is based on an extreme religious ideology and is as committed to jihad as its Islamist counterparts now carrying out terrorist atrocities in Kenya, Iraq, Nigeria and elsewhere.
  • Abbas' pact with Hamas

    29 Apr 2014
    Excerpts from interviews Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave to international media outlets following the pact made between Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and the Hamas terrorist organization.
  • Behind the Headlines: Palestinian incitement - An obstacle to peace

    23 Feb 2014
    Incitement to hatred and terrorism must end. Terrorists should not be glorified, Jews should not be demonized and Israel's existence should not be called into question.
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