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 Behind the Headlines

  • Behind the Headlines: Hizbullah attack on Israel

    28 Jan 2015
    Hizbullah endangers the peace in Lebanon and the region. It is attempting to draw Israeli forces into hostilities that will undermine the fragile regional stability.
  • Behind the Headlines: PA appeal to the ICC

    04 Jan 2015
    Israel expects the International Criminal Court to unequivocally reject the PA’s hypocritical request because the Palestinian Authority is not a state. Furthermore, the PA is allied with Hamas, a terrorist organization that commits war crimes.
  • Behind the Headlines: Palestinian UN Security Council draft resolution

    30 Dec 2014
    This resolution lacks the components that would advance a future agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. An agreement between Israel and the Palestinians will only be achieved through bilateral negotiations.
  • Behind the Headlines: Premature recognition of a Palestinian state undermines peace

    26 Nov 2014
    The premature recognition of a Palestinian state will harm chances for peace as it rewards the PA for choosing Hamas as its partner in government and allows the Palestinians to ignore Israel's legitimate concerns.
  • Behind the Headlines: Terrorist attack in Jerusalem synagogue

    18 Nov 2014
    In the latest in a series of Palestinian terrorist attacks, Palestinian terrorists massacred innocent Jews at prayer, motivated by intensive Palestinian incitement to hatred, violence and terrorism against Israelis.
  • Behind the Headlines: Jerusalem's Temple Mount

    17 Nov 2014
    The Israeli authorities have sought to contain attempts to escalate the situation on the Temple Mount while protecting Muslim sensitivities and freedom of worship. Israel has no intention of changing the status quo.
  • Behind the Headlines: The situation in Jerusalem

    05 Nov 2014
    The Palestinians have carried out three terrorist attacks in Jerusalem in less than two weeks and instigated numerous riots on the Temple Mount. Incitement and the glorification of terrorists have played an important role in triggering the violence.
  • Behind the Headlines: The situation on Jerusalem's Temple Mount

    03 Nov 2014
    The Government of Israel is committed to maintaining the status quo on the Temple Mount and will oppose all proposals to change it. It is the Palestinian rioters themselves who are defiling the al-Aqsa Mosque by using it as a base for attacks.
  • Behind the Headlines: Terror attack in Jerusalem

    26 Oct 2014
    The terrorist attack was carried out by 21-year-old Abd el-Rahman Shaloudi, a 21-year-old Palestinian from Silwan, who made no secret of his support for Hamas, posting messages and video clips about the terrorist organization on his Facebook page.
  • Behind the headlines: The Human Rights Council commission of inquiry on Gaza

    07 Sep 2014
    Instead of investigating Hamas' deliberate attacks on Israeli civilians and the use of Palestinian civilians as human shields, the UN decided to "investigate" Israel, a democracy exercising its legitimate right of self-defense.
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