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 Behind the Headlines

  • September events on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

    27 Sep 2015
    On September 27, 2015, the eve of the Sukkot festival, several dozen masked men rioted on the Temple Mount after barricading themselves overnight in the al-Aqsa mosque, throwing firebombs and stones at the police stationed at the Mughrabi gate.
  • PA Chairman Abbas incites to violence in Jerusalem

    21 Sep 2015
    Abbas incited to violence, terrorism and bloodshed in Jerusalem: "We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem. This is pure blood, clean blood, blood on its way to Allah."
  • Behind the Headlines: Hunger strikes and the issue of artificial nutrition

    17 Aug 2015
    Hunger strikes, particularly when politically motivated, pose a challenge to any democracy. Terrorists in Israeli custody periodically carry out hunger strikes, exploiting the publicity to generate pressure on Israeli authorities to release them.
  • Tisha B'Av: Events on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem

    26 Jul 2015
    A group of young Arab men rioted on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif plaza with the intent of disrupting visits by Jews to the Temple Mount plaza - the holiest site in Judaism - during Tisha B'Av (the 9th of Av), a holy day of mourning.
  • Behind the Headlines: Susiya

    21 Jul 2015
    An international campaign is being conducted against Israel regarding a small number of Palestinian structures near Susiya. Built illegally and adjacent to an ancient Jewish archeological site, they are the subject of an ongoing legal examination.
  • Behind the Headlines: Agreement between Iran and P5+1

    14 Jul 2015
    Nuclear capabilities in the hands of Iran are a game changer and will almost certainly spark a nuclear arms race that will undermine regional security in the Middle East.
  • Behind the Headlines: The 2014 Gaza Conflict: Factual and Legal Aspects

    15 Jun 2015
    The purpose of this in-depth and extremely detailed report is to expose the truth of last summer's events and how a democracy that is attacked fights terrorism according to the rules of international law.
  • Behind the Headlines: The framework between the P5+1 and Iran

    05 Apr 2015
    The framework agreement would not block Iran's path to the bomb; it would pave Iran's path to the bomb. It will not result in a nuclear program for peaceful purposes, but in a nuclear weapons program.
  • Behind the Headlines: Reconstruction in Gaza

    15 Mar 2015
    While Israel is actively working to assist reconstruction in Gaza, implementation of the Gaza Reconstruction Mechanism is being slowed by bottlenecks stemming from the enmity between Hamas and the PA and the non-delivery of promised funding.
  • Behind the Headlines: Terrorist attacks in Copenhagen

    16 Feb 2015
    The terrorist attacks in Copenhagen bear the same hallmarks as the attacks in Paris in January: an attack by Islamist fundamentalists on a symbol of free speech critical to Islamist radicalism, followed by an assault on a Jewish site.
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