120 Statement on the resumption of the autonomy talks- 4 September 1980

120 Statement on the resumption of the autonomy talks- 4 September 1980


 VOLUME 6: 1979-1980

120. Statement on the resumption of the autonomy talks, 4 September 1980.

After President Sadat suspended the autonomy talks in May 1980, efforts were made to renew them. In early July, Israel's chief negotiator Dr. Burg, Egypt's Defense Minister Kamal Hassan Ali, and U.S. Special Ambassador Linowitz met in Washington and decided to resume the talks in Cairo. But as the talks got under way, they were almost at once deadlocked on the previous issues in contention and on the issue of Jerusalem as well. On 27 July President Sadat again suspended the talks citing the passage of the Jerusalem law as the excuse. In early September Ambassador Linowitz returned to the Middle East and a statement on the resumption of the talks was issued on the 4th. The following is the official text of special ambassador Sol Linowitz's announcement in Alexandria:

1. Both parties are agreed that they are and remain firmly committed to the Camp David Accords and process, and are convinced that they are the only viable path to a comprehensive peace in the Middle East. Both are determined to see this process through to its successful conclusion, regardless of temporary difficulties that may arise during the process.

2. The parties recognize that for the negotiations to succeed, they must rest on a firm foundation of mutual trust and friendship, and they undertake to strengthen that foundation in the coming weeks.

3. The parties agree to resume the autonomy negotiations at a mutually agreed date, and to consult regarding the preparations, venue, and timing of a summit meeting.

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