IDF warns Lebanese civilians to leave danger zones
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 IDF warns Lebanese civilians to leave danger zones


Leaflets are dropped from the sky over Lebanese village by the Israel Air Force (July 16)


Lebanese youth collects leaflets dropped by the IDF (Reuters)

Concern for the lives of civilians is an integral part of the IDF operational procedure, which requires extreme care to be taken to minimize harm to the civilian population - often at the cost of operational advantages.

Residents of southern Lebanon have been warned repeatedly several days in advance of Israeli operations to leave the area before attacks by the IDF.

Following are several examples of actual leaflets dropped by the IDF in southern Lebanon.

The IDF warns Lebanese civilians to leave areas being used to launch rockets and not to travel by truck, often used as rocket launchers (July 25, 2006):

"To the people of Lebanon

Pay attention to these instructions!!

The IDF will intensify its activities and will heavily bomb the entire area from which rockets are being launched against the State of Israel.

Anyone present in these areas is endangering his life!

In addition, any pickup truck or truck traveling south of the Litani River will be suspected of transporting rockets and weapons and may be bombed.

You must know that anyone traveling in a pickup truck or truck is endangering his life.

The State of Israel"

* * *

The IDF warns Lebanese civilians to evacuate villages south of the Litani River (July 25, 2006):

"He who says he is protecting you,
is really robbing you."

"To all citizens south of the Litani River

Due to the terror activities being carried out against the State of Israel from within your villages and homes, the IDF is forced to respond immediately against these activities, even within your villages.

For your safety!!!

We call upon you to evacuate your villages and move north of the Litani River.

The State of Israel"

* * *

The IDF warns residents of south Lebanon to move northward (July 27, 2006):

"To residents of the region

For your personal safety
Read this announcement and act accordingly

Rockets are being fired against the State of Israel from your area.
The IDF will operate at full force against these terrorist groups effective immediately.
For your own safety, you must leave the area immediately, and travel northwards. Anyone who remains is putting himself in danger.

The State of Israel"

* * *

The IDF tells the people of Lebanon that they are in conflict with the Hizbullah terrorists, not the people of Lebanon, and that they should not allow themselves to be used as human shields (Aug 3, 2006):

"To the people of Lebanon

IDF forces operated with daring and force in Baalbek, the center of operations of the Hizbullah terror band, in the framework of its defense of the citizens of the State of Israel and the return of the abducted IDF soldiers.

Know that the IDF will continue to send its long arm to wherever Hizbullah terrorists are found, in order to strike at them forcefully and with determination, and to neutralize their options to execute their criminal ideology against the citizens of Israel.

Citizens of Lebanon,
The IDF forces are not acting against the Lebanese people, but against the Hizbullah terrorists, and will continue to act as long as it deems necessary.

Do not allow Hizbullah elements to hold you as prisoners and use you as a human shield for the sake of foreign interests.

The State of Israel"

* * *

The IDF announced restrictions on travel in any kind of vehicle south of Litani River (Aug 7, 2006), which entered into effect at 22:00:

"To the Lebanese civilians south of the Litani River

Read this announcement carefully and follow the instructions

The IDF will escalate its operations, and will strike with great force the terrorist groups which are exploiting you as human shields, and which fire rockets from your homes at the State of Israel.

Any vehicle of any kind traveling south of the Litani River will be bombarded, on suspicion of transporting rockets, military equipment and terrorists.

Anyone who travels in any vehicle is placing his life in danger.

The State of Israel"

This warning was reiterated in repeated radio broadcasts to southern Lebanon beginning in the early afternoon on August 7:

"Announcement to the population of southern Lebanon

The IDF absolutely prohibits travel on the roads of southern Lebanon, from the line of the Litani River southwards, to the Israeli border. This applies to all vehicles. The curfew is in effect from 22:00 on August 7.
Southern Lebanon is a combat zone. Hizbullah terrorists are operating in your area, and you are being exploited as "human shields", in order to camouflage their activities.

The Israeli army is operating against the rocket fire and other terrorist activities being carried out from your area and from Lebanon against the State of Israel.

All vehicles, of any type, traveling in the aforementioned area are liable to be attacked, endangering those traveling in the vehicles. Any person who violates these instructions endangers himself and his passengers.

We repeat - The IDF prohibits absolutely the movement of all vehicles on the roads of southern Lebanon."

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