Summary of IDF operations against Hizbullah in Lebanon

Summary of IDF operations against Hizbullah in Lebanon



(Communicated by the IDF Spokesman)

Last night IDF carried out air raids on 82 targets in Lebanon, among them 42 Hizbullah structures, upwards of 30 access roads, and six rocket launchers. 

Since fighting in southern Lebanon began, IDF aircraft have struck over 5,000 targets and flown more than 9,300 sorties in the skies over Lebanon.

IDF demolishes Hizbullah post
IDF engineer and infantry forces today utterly destroyed a main Hizbullah post in the western sector of southern Lebanon, at what until 2000 was the site of the Israeli Karkum position. Prior to demolishing the structure, the forces identified and destroyed a number of missile launchers, a cache of anti-tank missiles, and a motorcycle used by Hizbullah terrorists to reach and then flee from the sites from which they launch missiles into Israel.

Air Force shoots down Hizbullah UAV
The Israel Air Force yesterday evening shot down an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) launched from Lebanon. The IAF's northern air control unit identified the craft before it crossed the border and dispatched aircraft to intercept it. The UAV was shot down at a low altitude over the Mediterranean Sea, and Israeli naval vessels collected its pieces. It was not armed.

This is the third attempt in the last two years to infiltrate an unmanned aerial vehicle into Israeli airspace from Lebanon.

Travel prohibited south of Litani

The IDF has announced a limitation on travel in any kind of vehicle in all areas south of the Litani River in Lebanon. The limitation took effect at 22:00 on August 7, 2006, and will remain in effect until further notice.

Information regarding the limitations was communicated to the population in southern Lebanon via media outlets and leaflets as well as through local channels.

These limitations apply to journalists as well, as this is a combat zone from which terrorists operate, and as such, we cannot guarantee the safety of journalists in the area. Journalists are requested to comply with the recommendations provided to the civilian population.

Passage of humanitarian convoys continues throughout all of Lebanon in coordination with the IDF.

"To the Lebanese civilians south of the Litani River

Read this announcement carefully and follow the instructions

The IDF will escalate its operations, and will strike with great force the terrorist groups which are exploiting you as human shields, and which fire rockets from your homes at the State of Israel.

Any vehicle of any kind traveling south of the Litani River will be bombarded, on suspicion of transporting rockets, military equipment and terrorists.

Anyone who travels in any vehicle is placing his life in danger.

The State of Israel"

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