Anya Kazachkov

Anya Kazachkov


Anya Kazachkov

June 1, 2001 - Anya Kazachkov, 16, of Holon, was one of 21 people killed in a suicide bombing at a Tel-Aviv discotheque shortly before midnight on Friday night.

Anya was outside the discotheque with her best friend, Mariana Madbaneko, when the bomb exploded. Both were killed in the blast.

Anya immigrated to Israel from Russia two years ago with her mother and brother. Her mother related that Anya was full of life. "She wanted to study, to serve in the army, and to get married."

Anya was an 11th grade student at Shevach High School, studying robotics. The school principal, Dr. Benvenisti, said, "Her drawings decorate the walls of the school and they will remain as a living memorial."

She is survived by her mother and her brother Alex, aged 11. Her father passed away 7 years ago in Russia.

Anya Kazachkov was buried in the Yarkon cemetery in Tel-Aviv.

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