Daniel Golani

Daniel Golani


Dec 5, 2005 - Daniel Golani, 45, of Nahariya was one of five people killed and in a suicide bombing at the entrance to the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya in which over 50 were wounded. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

At 11:30 in the morning, a female police officer and passersby identified a man approaching the Sharon Mall in Netanya as a suicide bomber, and shouted out warnings. The security guards stopped the man, pushing him up against the wall, and nearby police officers rushed to help. At that point, the bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag. One of the security guards was killed, and the the policemen were wounded.

Daniel Golani was the owner of a chain of clothing stores called 35th Ave and was a well-known figure in Nahariya. He was in Netanya Monday to finalize a rental agreement for a store in Sharon mall. His friend of 25 years and business partner, David Barak, spoke with Golani minutes before the blast. "He really happy and told me he had closed the rental deal. Apparently he accompanied a friend who was with him to the mall entrance and a few minutes later the blast occured," Barak said.

Dani Golani was originally from Netanya and settled in Nahariya 16 years ago. He was involved in local politics and was supposed to supervise several polling booths in his neighborhood on behalf of Ron Frumer's campaign headquarters in the upcoming municipal elections.

"Dani was a wonderful person," said Zion Lankri, a Nahariya local council member, who was friends with Golani for nearly 18 years. "It was hard to separate him from his smile. He loved to live, and loved his family. This was a person one could always trust and turn to during difficult times. He was a rock. He wasn't scared of anything."

David Rosen, also a member of the Nahariya local council, said that Golani would help the needy, and could always be trusted to come to the aide of those who needed it.

Daniel Golani was buried in his home town of Netanya. He is survived by his wife Ronit, and their two daughters - Shir, 17, and Raz, 14.

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