Elia Rosen

Elia Rosen


Dec 5, 2005 - Elia Rosen, 38, of Bat Hefer was one of five people killed and in a suicide bombing at the entrance to the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya in which over 50 were wounded. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

At 11:30 in the morning, a female police officer and passersby identified a man approaching the Sharon Mall in Netanya as a suicide bomber, and shouted out warnings. The security guards stopped the man, pushing him up against the wall, and nearby police officers rushed to help. At that point, the bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag. One of the security guards was killed, and the the policemen were wounded.

Elia Rosen had gone with a friend to the Sharon Mall to shop for clothes. A psychologist by training,  she was due to start a new job next week as a project manager at Comverse, a hi-tech firm.

Elia was born and raised in Ramat Aviv, and attended the Alliance High School there. She later received a bachelor's degree in psychology and a master's in education. Before her career change, she diagnosed learning disabilities in teenagers and young adults.

Eight years ago, the Rosen family had moved to moshav Bat Hefer. Her husband Gadi said she had never expressed any concerns about the security situation and felt completely comfortable living close to the seam line. She always thought traffic accidents posed a greater threat than the security situation.

Elia Rosen was buried in the cemetery at Kibbutz Bahan. She is survived by her husband Gadi, 41, and their three children - sons Ro'i, 5, and Gal, 12, and a 10-year-old daughter, Noam.

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