Haim Amram

Haim Amram


Dec 5, 2005 - Haim Amram, 26, of Netanya was one of five people killed and in a suicide bombing at the entrance to the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya in which over 50 were wounded. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

At 11:30 in the morning, a female police officer and passersby identified a man approaching the Sharon Mall in Netanya as a suicide bomber, and shouted out warnings. The security guards stopped the man, pushing him up against the wall, and nearby police officers rushed to help. At that point, the bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag. Haim Amram, one of the security guards was killed, and the the policemen were wounded.

Haim had worked as a security guard at the Sharon Mall for the past three years and was also on duty during the suicide bombing there four months ago. His cousin, Lior Golan, said Monday night that Haim loved his job, despite the low pay, and had worked as a security guard since completing his military service in the Israel Air Force. Before the Sharon Mall, he had worked in Ra'anana.

"He was an incredible person. Very quiet and humble, he wanted to study psychology. He wanted to save everyone, and that's how he was killed. There's no doubt this is a hero's death," Lior said.

Haim attended Sinai Elementary School in Netanya and then a yeshiva high school. He liked to work out at the Wingate Institute gym, and recently bought a motorcycle. He was hoping to study psychology after completing his matriculation exams for university. During the past year, he had begun to live with his girlfriend. The two planned on marrying at the start of the summer and to travel abroad.

Haim Amram was buried in Netanya. He is survived by his parents, Esther and David, and three siblings - Vicky, Guy and Keren. 

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