Keinan Tsuami

Keinan Tsuami


Dec 5, 2005 - Keinan Tsuami, 20, of Petah Tikva was one of five people killed and in a suicide bombing at the entrance to the Sharon shopping mall in Netanya in which over 50 were wounded. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

At 11:30 in the morning, a female police officer and passersby identified a man approaching the Sharon Mall in Netanya as a suicide bomber, and shouted out warnings. The security guards stopped the man, pushing him up against the wall, and nearby police officers rushed to help. At that point, the bomber detonated the explosives he had in his bag. One of the security guards was killed, and the the policemen were wounded.

Keinan Tsuami was killed several minutes after completing his shopping at the Sharon Mall, where he had gone with a childhood friend.  They were already at the exit, when the friend realized he had forgotten something inside. Handing Keinan his jacket to hold, he went back indoors. Keinan, who remained outside, was killed in the blast. When his friend managed to exit the mall later, he found only his own jacket lying on the ground.

The youngest in the family, Keinan attended Feinstein Junior High and graduated from the Ankori High School in Hod Hasharon. "There are no words to describe Keinan. He was a happy kid, a soulful child with a love of life," said a friend. His uncle, Moshe Tsuami, said that his nephew had postponed his enlistment into the IDF in order to help his father in the family carpentry shop.

Lilach, Keinan's girlfriend, is unable to believe what has happened: "We celebrated his birthday just a month ago, all the signs are sill in his room, the teddy bear is still in the room. We were together for a year, I don't really understand how he left me like this. I don't believe it, my poor Keinan. Everyone told him to be careful of motorcycles - and in the end, this is what happened."

Keinan Tsuami was buried in the Segula Cemetery in Petah Tikva. He is survived by his parents, Shmuel and Mazal, and two older brothers, Lior and Ohad.

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