Larissa Grishchenko
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 Larissa Grishchenko


Sept 16, 2009 - Larissa Grishchenko, 39, of Hadera was the seventh victim of the suicide bomber who detonated himself at Hadera's open-air market shortly before 4 p.m. Wednesday afternoon, October 26, 2005. Fatally wounded in the attack, she died on Sept 16, 2009 in a Pardes Hanna hospital after lying unconscious in the hospital for almost four years.

Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack, which occurred in front of a felafel stand at the entance to the seaside town's market. The other victims were  Michael Kaufman, Pirhiya Machlouf, Sabiha Nissim, Jamil Qa'adan, Ya'acov Rahmani. and Genia Poleis.

Larissa Grishchenko was born in the Ukrainian village of Sekmoropa, near Chernobyl, in 1970.  She studied pharmacy at Zaproza University in Ukraine, where she met her husband Boris, also a pharmacy student. They were married in 1991, and lived in Ukraine for the next seven years, during which time their oldest daughter was born.

In 1998 the family immigrated to Israel and settled in Hadera, where two more children were born.

Boris and Larissa both worked in their profession as pharmacists after their arrival in Israel and had been saving up for their dream of purchasing their own apartment. Larissa had begun to work at the recently opened pharmacy in Kfar Vitkin just half a year before the attack, where she quickly became part of the team. Dr. Yael Kraus, head of the clinic, described her as professional and responsible, who immediately won the hearts of all. 

All that changed on October 26, 2005, when the family drove to the market to shop. Because they couldn't find a parking space, Larissa got out of the car by herself to do the shopping. When she was near the falafel stand, a suicide bomber exploded close to her. She suffered shrapnel injuries to her head and brain, and was rushed to Tel Hashomer hospital in critical condition.

Larissa's condition never improved. She remained in a coma for almost four years, before succumbing to her injuries on September 16, 2009.

Larissa Grishchenko was buried in the Christian cemetery of Kibbutz Bahan. She is survived by her husband Boris, her children Yanna (14), Daniel (8), and Diana (6), and her mother.

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