Lior (Eliyahu) Anidzar

Lior (Eliyahu) Anidzar


May 13, 2006 - Lior Anidzar, 26, of Tel Aviv, the tenth victim of the April 17 suicide bombing at the Rosh Ha'ir shawarma restaurant, near the old central bus station in Tel Aviv, died of his wounds on May 13. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack in which 11 were killed and over 60 wounded.

Lior was mortally wounded in the bombing on April 17, suffering internal injuries and burns over a large part of his body. Doctors gave him a “less than one percent chance” of surviving. He succumbed to his injuries on May 13 in Tel Aviv's Ichilov Hospital.

His wife Maya worked just two stores down from the shawarma restaurant where the bombing occurred. Lior surprised her, stopping by in the middle of the day, and invited her to lunch. When she said she wasn't hungry, he went by himself.

Lior and Maya had met eight months earler and had been married just 13 days. “Their wedding was an absolute dream,” Lior’s father Yossi said. “So many people came to celebrate that I was afraid Lior wouldn’t be able to pay for it. I felt as though he had realized my dream.” Lior and Maya had only moved into their rented apartment in Holon four days before the bombing.

Lior grew up in Tel Aviv. He worked for a car parts dealer. His dream had been to open a restaurant of his own.

Dalia, Lior's sister, said: "He was our little brother, who loved life and enjoyed going out for a good time. My husband would warn him to be careful. Dalia, six months pregnant, related that Lior was the first she had told of the pregnancy, which had been unplanned. She told him that she was depressed. He laughed, and said, "What, are your crazy? You're depressed? You should be delighted." She plans to name the baby Lior, after her brother.

Lior Anidzar was buried in the Holon cemetery. He is survived by his parents, Yossi and Yvonne, his sister Dalia and brother Dudu, and his wife Maya.

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