Michal Raziel

Michal Raziel


  Michal Raziel


Aug 9, 2001 - Michal Raziel, 16, of Jerusalem, was one of 15 people killed in a suicide bombing in the heart of Jerusalem, inside a crowded pizza restaurant.

Carrying the explosives in a guitar case, the terrorist entered the Sbarro pizzeria at the corner of King George Avenue and Jaffa Road in downtown Jerusalem just before 2 p.m. The 5 kg.-10 kg. bomb, which was packed with nails, screws, and bolts, completely gutted the restaurant, which was full of lunchtime diners.

Michal was the youngest in the family, and remained at home with her mother after her three older sisters had married. He father died 11 years ago. She attended the Or Torah school in Ramot.

Raziel, described by her mother as an out-going and friendly girl, was a group leader in the Ezra youth movement. She and Malka Roth, who was also killed in the explosion, had grown up together and were good friends from an early age. They had stopped for lunch at the pizzeria on their way to an Ezra activity in Talpiot. Seconds before the explosion, Michal received a cellphone text message asking what time it was; she was killed before she was able to write a reply.

Michal Raziel was buried in Jerusalem.

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