Rachel Ben Abu

Rachel Ben Abu


July 12, 2005 - Rachel Ben Abu, 16, of Tel Aviv was one of five people killed in a suicide bombing outside the entrance to Hasharon Mall in Netanya.

Shortly after 6:30 P.M., the bomber detonated himself at the pedestrian crossing on the south side of the intersection of Herzl and Petah Tikva Streets. The Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

Living near each other in Tel Aviv, Rachel and Nofar Horowitz had been best friends since pre-school and were inseparable, almost like sisters. After being a classmate of Nofar for many years, Rachel had decided to attend the Kfar Yarok agricultural boarding school in Ramat Hasharon, where Nofar often visited her.

Since the beginning of the summer vacation, the two girls had spent a lot of time with Nofar's father who lives in Kfar Yona, near Netanya, and had gone to visit him on the day of the bombing. Afterwards, they decided to go shopping at the nearby mall. Both were killed in the blast.

Rachel's uncle Maxim Ben Abu described his niece as a happy girl, full of life. Her school roommate Adva Aviva said that she liked to listen to Oriental music and to go dancing in Tel Aviv.

Rachel Ben Abu was buried in the Yarkon Cemetery. She is survived by her mother, Miri, older brother Shimon, and younger brother Itamar.

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