Yanai Weiss

Yanai Weiss


Yanai Weiss


Apr 30, 2003 - Yanai Weiss, 46, of Holon, was one of three persons murdered by a suicide bomber who detonated himself at the entrance of Mike's Place, a pub on the Tel Aviv seafront promenade.

In the first such terrorist attack by foreign nationals, two British Muslims took part in what was to have been a double suicide bombing at the crowded Tel Aviv pub at about 1 a.m. One of the bombers blew himself up after being blocked by a security guard and the second would-be bomber fled when his explosives failed to detonate. Ran Baron and Dominique Caroline Hass were also slain by the bomber, who wounded 60 others.

Weiss, an accomplished guitarist, was a former music teacher who worked as a computer technician. Born on Kibbutz Ein Hashofet, he began performing as a teenager in an IDF entertainment troupe and often performed at Mike's Place, especially at the pub's Tuesday night jam sessions. The bombing took his life as he was playing, at about 1 a.m. Wednesday.

"I knew him ever since he was a musician," said Oren Letz, a friend from work. "He was a guitarist who loved to play blues." He also organized a band at his computer company, where he was the oldest player and was beloved for the fatherly guidance he gave.

"Yanai was always surrounded by a warm atmosphere," said Letz, who noted that Weiss would often make fruit salad for his coworkers and serve them. "Playing at the pub was his treat," said Letz.

Yanai Weiss was buried at the Holon Cemetery. He is survived by his wife Orna, their two sons, Ben (15) and Omer (10), as well as his parents and two brothers.

  • Details of April 30, 2003 Tel Aviv suicide bombing following investigation.
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