Yehuda Shoham

Yehuda Shoham


Yehuda Shoham


June 11, 2001 - Yehuda Shoham, aged 5 months, of Shilo, died of injuries incurred in a fatal stoning on June 5. He was critically injured by a rock thrown at the family's car near Shilo in Samaria.

Five-month old Yehuda was seated in the family car, returning home from a condolence call on Tuesday night with his parents, Benny and Batsheva Shoham. A large rock crashed through the front windshield, striking the infant in the head. He was rushed unconscious by a mobile intensive care unit to Hadassah-University Hospital in Jerusalem, with severe head injuries.

Yehuda remained unconscious and attached to a respirator for almost a week, having suffered severe brain damage.

After the attack, Yehuda's father gave him a new middle name, Haim - "life" - hoping that his life would be spared. Friends and relatives maintained a prayer vigil at his bedside.

Yehuda was the only child of Benny and Batsheva Shoham, a couple in their mid-20's. Batsheva parents are from Detroit and Los Angeles.

Yehuda-Haim Shoham was buried in Shilo.

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