Yevgenia Dorfman

Yevgenia Dorfman


Yevgenia Dorfman


June 19, 2001 - Yevgenia Dorfman, 15, of Bat-Yam, was one of 21 people killed in a suicide bombing at a Tel-Aviv discotheque shortly before midnight on Friday night, June 1. Mortally wounded in the blast, she died 18 days later.

Yevgenia Dorfman suffered a mortal head injury in the explosion. For 18 days, the doctors fought to save her life, although they knew, given the extent of the brain damage, that her chances of survival were very slim. Her mother gave her a new middle name, Haya - "alive" - in the hope that her life would be spared. On June 19 she succumbed to her injuries.

Yevgenia lived alone with her mother, a single parent. They immigrated to Israel from Tashkent nine years ago. They lived simply, because of economic hardships, but Yevgenia was well integrated and happy at school, where she was known by the Hebrew name Keren.

Yevgenia studied music and dance at the Arts School in Holon and she had hoped to be a dancer. The school principal related that Yevgenia-Keren was a good student and a very talented dancer. The members of her dance class embroidered a patchwork quilt, which they had planned to present to her on her 16th birthday in a few weeks.

Yevgenia Dorfman was laid to rest in the Givat Shaul cemetery in Jerusalem.

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