Yossi Shushan

Yossi Shushan


Aug 20, 2011 - Yossi Shushan, 38, of Ofakim was killed in Beersheba when a Grad rocket exploded, suffering a fatal injury to his head.

Yossi Shushan had been at home in Ofakim when he heard that missiles were falling and went to Beersheba out of concern for his wife, who was visiting her brother there. A piece of shrapnel hit him in the head as he left his car to race for safety after a warning siren rang out.

Yossi was employed as an inspector at the Ofakim municipality. A former goalie for Hapoel Ofakim and the Beersheba soccer clubs, he had recently begun coaching the goalies of Beersheba's youth squad. He and his wife Lilach, in her ninth month of pregnancy, parents of two daughters, were looking forward to the birth of their first son.

Yossi Shushan was buried in Ofakim. He is survived by his wife Lilach, their two daughters, aged 7 and 4, and their son born less than two months after he was killed.

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