Yuri -Yoni- Korganov

Yuri -Yoni- Korganov


Yuri (Yoni) Korganov


Dec 1, 2001 - Yuri (Yoni) Korganov, 20, of Ma'alei Adumim, was one of 11 young people killed on Saturday night at the Ben Yehuda pedestrian mall in the center of Jerusalem.

At about 11:30 P.M., two suicide bombers detonated explosive devices on Ben Yehuda Street, the pedestrian mall frequented by many young people on Saturday night. A car bomb exploded nearby 20 minutes later. In addition to the 11 people killed, about 180 were injured in the terrorist attack.

Yuri (Yoni) Korganov, an only child, immigrated to Israel with his parents from the Ukraine 11 years ago and settled in Ma'ale Adumim. His mother worked in the post office and his father is a plumber.

After attending the technological college of the IDF Ordnance Corps, he was served in the Corps, and completed his army service three months ago. Recently he started working in a factory for baking matzot and had registered to continue his studies at Hadassah College. He hardly left the house over the last few months, because he was completing his matriculation exams, said his father.

"He was so full of life, funny, and was fun to hang around that it is hard for me to accept his death, and to describe him as a victim, as a dead person. He was the only son his parents had, and his close friends were like brothers to him", said a friend who attended the funeral.

Yoni Korganov was buried in Jerusalem near his mother's grave, who died of cancer a year ago. He is survived by his father, Vladimir (Ze'ev).

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