Innovative Israel
Israeli scientists map wild Emmer wheat genome19 Aug 2015

A joint team from NRGene and Tel Aviv University has completed the mapping of the wild Emmer wheat genome, giving a significant boost to global research into crop improvement, improving global wheat yields and helping combat the world food crisis.

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Israel innovation day to take place in Holland02 Feb 2016

The Director General of the Ministry of Economy and Industry will head a delegation of Israeli companies showcasing Israeli achievements in cyber-security, quality of life, smart transportation, air and environmental protection and more.

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International Diamond Week in Israel02 Feb 2016

Official delegations of diamond buyers from Panama, Italy and Hong Kong, will be joined by representatives of more than 20 countries, among them Turkey, Russia, the US, China, Belgium, India, Germany, Switzerland and more.

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Discovering how the brain compensates for sensory loss20 Jan 2016

Research on worms shows the brain’s remarkable capacity to respond to sensory loss by boosting the remaining functioning senses.

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Israel Environment Bulletin January 201631 Jan 2016

This issue focuses on a topic that was at the top of the international environmental agenda in 2015 - climate change.

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Upcoming conferences

CleanTech 2016 - 22-23 Feb 2016 Cyberweek 2016 19-23 Jun 2016 Fresh AgroMashov 2016 - 23-24 Jun 2016

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