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 Speeches by Israeli representatives

  • Amb Prosor: Situation in the Middle East

    23 Jul 2015
    Ten years after withdrawing from Gaza, the territory we left has become a safe haven for terrorists. Hamas, an internationally recognized terrorist organization, has used and abused the people of Gaza to continue its war against Israel.
  • Israel's statement on PRC at ECOSOC

    21 Jul 2015
    The Palestinian Return Centre was granted consultative status at the UN, despite its ties to Hamas. Allowing such an organization to gain access to the UN will set a dangerous precedent.
  • 3rd International Conference on Financing for Development

    15 Jul 2015
    MASHAV represents the State of Israel in this campaign, focusing its efforts on capacity building, sharing expertise accumulated during Israel's own development experience to empower governments and individuals to improve their own lives.
  • Israel's statement at UN International Ebola Recovery conference

    10 Jul 2015
    Human Rights Counsellor, Nelly Shiloh, spoke about Israel’s recovery efforts in Ebola affected communities: "The focus of our efforts should be to address the needs of the survivors and to help restore properly functioning health services."
  • Amb Prosor addresses High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development

    08 Jul 2015
    Since 2012, Israel has done pioneering work with the OECD to launch a pilot program to develop new and innovative ways to measure well-being and sustainability on a national level.
  • Statement by Amb Roet on Children and Armed Conflict

    18 Jun 2015
    Last week, the UNSG published his annual report on children and armed conflict. With all the regimes and organizations that intentionally target children all around the world, it is simply absurd that this report focuses on Israel.
  • Statement by Amb Manor to the UNHRC 29th Session

    15 Jun 2015
    This Human Rights Council exhibits double morals and is ethically flawed. Its Commission of Inquiry on Gaza has been described as being "unbalanced, inaccurate, and prejudges the outcome of the investigation by making legal statements".
  • Amb Roet addresses UNRWA 65th anniversary conference

    02 Jun 2015
    UNRWA has often remained silent while Hamas endangers the lives of Palestinians, including refugees. UNRWA spokespeople are quick to make accusations against Israel, but go out of their way to avoid mentioning Hamas.
  • Amb Roet: Commemorating the Farhud

    01 Jun 2015
    On June 1st 1941, a Nazi-inspired pogrom erupted in Baghdad. For the first time at the UN, we recognize the atrocities carried out against the Jews of Iraq in 1941, remembered by them as the Farhud.
  • Amb Roet to UNSC on the protection of journalists

    27 May 2015
    The most dangerous place in the world for journalists is the Middle East. The iron-fisted rule Hamas has on the Gaza Strip provides a powerful example of what happens when the press is not free to report what they see and hear.
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