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 History Revealed through Archeology

  • Hoard of gold coins recovered in Caesarea

    17 Feb 2015
    Almost 2,000 gold coins over a thousand years old were salvaged in an excavation conducted by the Marine Archaeology Unit of the Israel Antiquities Authority.
  • Byzantine grape seeds found in the Negev

    12 Feb 2015
    The charred grape seeds, over 1,500 years old, found at the Halutza excavation site in the Negev were used to produce the "Wine of the Negev" - one of the finest and most renowned wines in the whole of the Byzantine Empire.
  • Archeology 2015 International Conference

    08 Feb 2015
    The conference will present new archeological findings and examine them in the light of ancient scrolls records, the Scriptures and other historical sources.
  • 55,000-year-old human skull uncovered

    29 Jan 2015
    The rare find indicates that today’s human population originated in Africa and migrated from there c. 65,000 years ago, making it, according to researchers, one of the most important discoveries in the study of human evolution.
  • Original appearance of Declaration of Independence re-created

    06 Jan 2015
    In a joint initiative of the Israel State Archives and the IAA, the Declaration of Independence was photographed using an innovative technique to re-create the document’s original appearance and preserve it for future generations
  • Preserving the past, ensuring the future

    25 Dec 2014
    ​Preservation of the wealth of cultural values – historical/archaeological, landscape, urban, architectural and artistic, as well as social and religious - is the goal of the projects initiated by the IAA’s Conservation Department.
  • Archaeological Excavations in Israel 2015

    21 Dec 2014
    Many archaeologists enlist volunteer help on their digs. Usually, no previous experience is necessary. This list of digs in Israel which accept volunteers is compiled by the Israel Foreign Ministry as a service to the public.
  • Unique entry complex discovered at Herodian palace

    18 Dec 2014
    Archaeologists from the Hebrew University have discovered a monumental entryway to the Herodian hilltop palace at Herodium. The main feature is an impressive corridor with a system of arches spanning its width on three separate levels.
  • 8,000-year-old olive oil discovered in Galilee

    17 Dec 2014
    According to the excavation directors, "This is the earliest evidence of the use of olive oil in the country, and perhaps the entire Mediterranean basin." Olive oil was already part of the diet and may also have been used for lighting.
  • Impressive 2,800-year-old farm house uncovered

    15 Dec 2014
    The farm, which is extraordinarily well preserved, was built in the eighth century BCE, the time of the Assyrian conquest.
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