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 History Revealed through Archeology

  • 8-year-old finds statuette head on Tel Beit Shemesh

    25 Nov 2015
    As a reward for the First Temple period find, Itai, who wants to follow in the footsteps of Indiana Jones, will receive a certificate of appreciation, and he and his classmates will be invited to take part in an archaeological dig.
  • Prehistoric man in the Galilee preferred legumes

    23 Nov 2015
    A study of seeds exposed in archaeological excavations in recent years at Neolithic sites in the Galilee shows that the inhabitants' diet at the time consisted mainly of fava beans, as well as lentils, various types of peas and chickpeas.
  • Archaeological Excavations in Israel 2016

    16 Nov 2015
    Many archaeologists enlist volunteer help on their digs. Usually, no previous experience is necessary. This list of digs in Israel which accept volunteers is compiled by the Israel Foreign Ministry as a service to the public.
  • Impressive new mosaic uncovered in Lod

    16 Nov 2015
    While building the visitor center for the Lod Mosaic, which was discovered previously and is considered one of the most spectacular in the country, another impressive mosaic was discovered at the site.
  • 1,500-year-old wine presses found in Netivot

    15 Nov 2015
    The excavation revealed the remains of a late Byzantine period village dating to the 6th and 7th centuries. One of the most impressive finds of the excavation is a sophisticated wine press that was used to mass-produce wine.
  • Has the Acra from 2,000 years ago been found?

    03 Nov 2015
    Researchers with the Israel Antiquities Authority believe they have found the remains of the stronghold which the Greeks used to control the Temple more than 2,000 years ago - and evidence of the Hasmonean attempts to conquer the stronghold.
  • Rare Byzantine-period mosaic discovered

    30 Sep 2015
    A rare 1,500 year old mosaic depicting ancient streets and buildings in Egypt has been discovered in Qiryat Gat. The unique mosaic served as the floor of a church dating to the Byzantine period.
  • Have we uncovered the Tomb of the Maccabees?

    21 Sep 2015
    The magnificent mausoleum at the Horbat Ha-Gardi site, believed 150 years ago to be the Tomb of the Maccabees, was once again excavated, this time utilizing the tools of modern research, revealing magnificent burial vaults and enormous pillars.
  • History comes alive in Jerusalem

    20 Sep 2015
    The Tower of David's ancient walls are the screens for projected colors and moving images that tell the story of Jerusalem.
  • Rare sarcophagus exposed in Ashkelon building site

    03 Sep 2015
    The sarcophagus, one of the most important and beautiful to be exposed in the country in the past generation, was severely damaged when building contractors improperly removed it from the ground.
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