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 History Revealed through Archeology

  • Unique entry complex discovered at Herodian palace

    18 Dec 2014
    Archaeologists from the Hebrew University have discovered a monumental entryway to the Herodian hilltop palace at Herodium. The main feature is an impressive corridor with a system of arches spanning its width on three separate levels.
  • 8,000-year-old olive oil discovered in Galilee

    17 Dec 2014
    According to the excavation directors, "This is the earliest evidence of the use of olive oil in the country, and perhaps the entire Mediterranean basin." Olive oil was already part of the diet and may also have been used for lighting.
  • Impressive 2,800-year-old farm house uncovered

    15 Dec 2014
    The farm, which is extraordinarily well preserved, was built in the eighth century BCE, the time of the Assyrian conquest.
  • New archaeological finds at Hippos-Sussita

    20 Nov 2014
    Archeologists uncovered a skeleton of a woman with a dove-shaped pendant under a collapsed roof. They also found a large muscular marble leg and artillery ammunition from 2,000 years ago, silent evidence of a large earthquake in 363 CE.
  • Dig Quest: Israel

    20 Nov 2014
    The Dead Sea Scrolls, the most important archaeological discovery of the 20th century, are now available on your iPhone and iPad as the Israel Antiquities Authority launches its first App featuring archaeology games and puzzles for kids.
  • Tower of David opens Kishle and moat to public

    12 Nov 2014
    The Tower of David Museum invites the general public to come, enjoy and explore the moat and the Kishle building which will be open for the first time to the general public since it has been renovated.
  • Archaeological Excavations in Israel 2015

    02 Nov 2014
    Many archaeologists enlist volunteer help on their digs. Usually, no previous experience is necessary. This list of digs in Israel which accept volunteers is compiled by the Israel Foreign Ministry as a service to the public.
  • Israel National Treasures artifacts accessible online

    21 Oct 2014
    The site, which currently comprises some 5,700 artifacts, contains hi-resolution images from the collections of the National Treasures, ranging from the Paleolithic period until the Ottoman period.
  • Inscription dedicated to Hadrian found in Jerusalem

    21 Oct 2014
    A rare find of tremendous historical significance was discovered in Jerusalem: a fragment of a stone engraved with an official Latin inscription dedicated to the Roman emperor Hadrian.
  • Ancient ritual bath exposed at Ha-Ela Junction

    07 Oct 2014
    An ancient ritual bath and graffiti left by Australian soldiers during the Second World War were exposed at Ha-Ela Junction.
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