Aharon Barak
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Aharon Barak

Aharon Barak
  Aharon Barak

  Aharon Barak, born in Lithuania in 1936, is married and the father of four. He studied law, economics and international relations at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Barak received an MA in law in 1958, and a doctorate in 1963.

1968 Appointed Associate Professor of Law at Hebrew University

1970-72 Participated in the preparation of an international treaty on bills of exchange in the framework of the United Nations Commission of International Trade Law

1970-72 Lectured at New York University School of Law

1972 Appointed Professor at the School of Law, Hebrew University

1973 Received Kaplan Pnze for excellence in science and research

1974 Appointed Dean of Faculty of Law, Hebrew University

1975 Received Israel Prize in legal sciences

1976 Member of the Israeli Academy of Sciences

1975-78 Attorney General

1978 Appointed Justice of the Supreme Court

1978-94 Adjunct professor at the School of Law, Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1993 Appointed Deputy President of the Supreme Court

1995-2006 President of the Supreme Court

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