Moshe Dayan
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Moshe Dayan

Moshe Dayan

Foreign Minister of Israel 1977-79

  Moshe Dayan  

Moshe Dayan, soldier and statesman, set the pace for the IDF as Chief of Staff (1953-58). He played a decisive role in the development of new military tactics for the IDF. As Minister of Foreign Affairs he took part in the negotiations for the peace treaty with Egypt.

1938 Commander of a unit in the pluggot sadeh (field units)
1940 Tried by British Mandate authorities for Haganah underground activities and sentenced to imprisonment
1941 Fought in Allied operations against French Vichy forces in Lebanon
1948 Commanded defense of settlements in the Jordan Valley; later commanded the Jerusalem front
1949 Member of the Israeli delegation to the cease-fire talks in Rhodes
1949-52 Commander southern command
1952 Commander northern command
1952-53 Chief of Operations
1953-58 Chief of Staff
1959 Elected to the Knesset
1959-64 Minister of Agriculture
1965 One of the founders of Rafi - political party headed by David Ben-Gurion
1967-74 Minister of Defense - appointed on the eve of the Six-Day War
1977-79 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1980 Re-elected to the Knesset as representative of a new party, Telem
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