Panim: Faces of Art and Culture in Israel, July-August 1998
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Panim: Faces of Art and Culture in Israel, July-August 1998


Panim Magazine
July-August 1998
Magazine Content
Cover Story:
Gesher: A Theatrical Coup
Gesher Theater

Fragments of Reality: A Portrait of Micha Bar-Am
Academics, Architects and Artists in Turkey;
Israeli-Jordanian Documentary Co-Production;
"Peace Now" Back Then
New Productions:
Mini-Dramas on Big Screens;
Jubilee Bells;
Judaica Exhibit
Karmon Dance Company Events:
Israeli Artists Abroad;
Short Theater Festival;
7th International Student Film Festival
Culture Briefs:
Success at Eurovision;
Israel Honored at "Expo"
Four Documentaries
Upcoming Events in Israel
Culture Export:
Israeli Culture Activities Around the World
PANIM: Faces of Art and Culture in Israel is an informational bulletin produced by the Cultural and Scientific Affairs Division of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem. Items and articles may be reprinted freely, but it would be appreciated if reference is made to the source.

Editor: Dahlia Scheindlin


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