Yigal Allon
Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs

 Yigal Allon


Foreign Minister of Israel 1974-77

Yigal Allon
Yigal Allon left his mark as a military commander, a statesman, and one of the leaders of the Labor movement.

1936-39 Commander of one of the field units of the Haganah
Commander of a regiment in the Field Corps
1941 One of the founders of the Palmach
1943-45 Deputy Commander of the Palmach
1945-48 Commander of the Palmach
1948-49 Appointed Lieut.-Gen.; commanded forces in decisive battles during the War of Independence
1950 Retired from the IDF
1954 Became one of the leaders of Ahdut Haavodah
1955 Elected to the Knesset
1961-67 Minister of Labor
1967-69 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Immigrant Absorption
1969-74 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Culture
Member of the Ministerial Committee on Security and Economy
1974 Member of the Israeli delegation to the separation-of-forces agreements with Egypt and Syria
1974 Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Education and Culture
1974-77 Minister of Foreign Affairs
1977-80 Member of the Knesset Committee on Foreign Affairs and Security
Chairman of the Knesset Sub-committee on Lebanon
1978-80 Chairman of the World Labor Zionist movement
1979 Instrumental in the establishment of Takam, the United Kibbutz Movement
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