Hizbullah's exploitation of Lebanese population centers and civilians: Photographic evidence

Hizbullah's exploitation of Lebanese population centers and civilians: Photographic evidence


Selected video clips and photos

The Hizbullah terrorists in Lebanon have purposely hidden themselves and stockpiled their missiles in residential areas, thus endangering the surrounding populations. Indeed, many of the missiles recently fired at Israel were stored and launched from or near private homes, commandeered by Hizbullah terrorists wishing to shield their actions behind civilians in order to thwart Israel’s response.

Operation Change of Direction: IDF Video Clips

Following is a selection of video clips photographed by the IDF Spokesman depicting Hizbullah's use of Lebanese homes and civilians to fire rockets at Israel (for viewing or download):

 View IDF video 1:
Hizbullah deploys Katyushas near Lebanese homes
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 View IDF video 2:
Hizbullah firing rockets from behind buildings
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 View IDF video 3:
Hizbullah use of civilian shields
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 View IDF video 4:
Hizbullah missile fire from within the village of Kafr Qana
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 View IDF video 5:
Hizbullah missile fire from inside home
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 View IDF video 6: Hizbullah missile launcher in Dahar el Kassim
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 View IDF video 7: Hizbullah fires missiles from Qana and Zidkin (Aug 6)
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 View IDF video 8: Hizbullah launches missiles towards Haifa (Aug 6)
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The launchers were located in an orchard, 
adjacent to residential buildings.

 View IDF video 9: Hizbullah launches missiles from village of Barashit (Aug 6)
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 View IDF video 10: Hizbullah stations anti-aircraft cannon in residential area
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Hizbullah's use of civilians to shield its attacks on Israel - Photos

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Armed Hizbullah terrorists inside Lebanese village

Photos smuggled out of Lebanon show Hizbullah terrorists having taken up a position in the Christian neighborhood of Wadi Shahrour east of Beirut, on a truck mounted with a ZSU-23X2 anti-aircraft cannon. The terrorists are dressed in civilian clothing so they can quickly disappear among the local population.

Zelzal missile destroyed by Israel Air Force
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Remains of the truck carrying the missiles
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Long-range Iranian Zelzal missiles in residential neighborhood

On July 17, 2006 Hizbullah terrorists stationed a truck carrying ten long-range Iranian Zelzal missiles in the Christian neighborhood of Wadi Shahrour in order to launch missiles from there against Israeli cities.

The truck carrying the missiles was targeted by the Israeli Air Force before they could be launched. Until the Hizbullah terrorists arrived with the missiles, this residential area of Beirut had not been touched by the Israelis.

Photo: Reuters (July 23, 2006)

Rocket fire from Maarake Smoke tracks rise over the souther Lebanese village of Maarake, north of Tyre, after Hizbullah launches rockets into Israeli territory.

Aug 6, 2006: Hizbullah fires missiles from Tyre towards Israel. Note houses in proximity to launching site:

Photo: Reuters

Detail of launching site:

Photo: Reuters


July 22, 2006: IDF forces destroyed a vehicle in the village of Mervachin, in southern Lebanon, containing anti-tank missiles. A missile stockpile was found in the basement of the village mosque, seen on photograph.

(IDF Spokesman)

Reports from Tyre and Beirut

Hezbollah's Heartland - Canada National Post, Aug ‎‏5‏‎, ‎‏2006‏‎: The surgeon led a group of journalists over what remained [of his hospital in Tyre]: ‎mangled debris, shredded walls and a roof punched through by an Israeli shell. "Look ‎what they did to this place," Dr. Fouad Fatah said, shaking his head. "Why in the world ‎would the Israelis target a hospital?" The probable answer was found a few hours later in ‎a field nearby. Hidden in the tall grass were the burned remnants of a rocket-launcher. ‎Confronted with the evidence, Dr. Fatah admitted his hospital could have been used as a ‎site from which to fire rockets into Israel. "What choice do we have? We need to fight ‎back from somewhere," he said.

Letter from Beirut: The Battle for Lebanon, ‎by Jon Lee Anderson - New Yorker Magazine, Aug 7, 2006: We turned north, to a hospital in Sidon. Near the hospital, a mosque lay in ruins. A man approached and told me that he was a teacher at the Hariri school. I asked him why he thought the Israelis had hit a mosque, and he said, simply, “It was a Hezbollah mosque.” A younger man came up to me and, when we were out of earshot of others, said that ‎Hezbollah had kept bombs in the basement of the mosque, but that two days earlier a ‎truck had taken the cache away. It was common knowledge in Sidon, he said, and ‎everyone was expecting the mosque to be hit. When, the previous evening, displaced ‎people from the south had gathered on the grounds, they had been warned away.

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