Aid to Kosovo Refugees

Aid to Kosovo Refugees


  Aid to Kosovo Refugees

(Communicated by Foreign Minister's Spokesman)
3 April 1999

Foreign Minister Ariel Sharon directed the Ministry's Director-General to organize an Israeli medical team to be sent as soon as possible to the Kosovo refugee centers, to provide medical aid to the many refugees in Albania and Macedonia. Sharon also directed him to prepare to send further Israeli aid to the refugees, including medicines, medical equipment, blankets and tents.

Foreign Minister Sharon said that he issued this directive to increase the aid to the tens of thousands of refugees from Kosovo in light of the terrible human tragedy taking place in the area. Sharon stressed that "Israel is always prepared to extend humanitarian aid to innocent refugees. This is the moral responsibility of the State of Israel and the Jewish people. Thus have we acted in the past in this region and in many places around the world, and thus are we acting today."

Foreign Minister Sharon congratulated the Foreign Ministry and Israel Air Force personnel for their swift and professional efforts in delivering the first shipment of medicines and equipment to the refugees in Albania and Macedonia yesterday.

Photos: "Scoop 80"

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